Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Cute Instagram Stationery & Accessory Haul 2018 ! ♡ Topsy Turvy India | Dr. Ruchita

Hi guys.. welcome back!! Hope you all are doing well. Today I’m so excited to share with you Stationery and accessory Haul. So I recieved a bunch of cute and girly stuff from Topsy Turvy  and i really wanted to share with you. Check out my YouTube video on Topsy Turvy Haul here

So first we’re gonna start  off with my stationery items. I have this Notebook here. 

This is just a cute little Nutela lovers Notebook.It has 200 pages In it. It will be your buddy for taking notes. 

So this next two items I was so excited to fin. Because I 
have been looking for something like this similar to this, and the fact that I found them 😍both at topsy.

So this first One I thought was really cute it’s fun little canvas folder. It says HAVE FUN. You can store your important documents and Carry them in style with this cute folder so pretty!!

Then I have this sling bag it says say hello and I love all of 
the little prints here. So adorable and pink !!! you can carry
it as a shoulder bag or is a cross body bag. 

So next we are going to move into accessories and all those fun goodies and things. So I picked up a pair of 
Earrings. I am so happy with this  they are gorgeous!!!

Then I picked up this rose gold metal Cat eye sunglasses.  I love these sunglasses, and they are just so cute. They are my favourite. This sunglasses can go with everything. But they are 
kind of our different line More trendy vibe than aviators.

So next one is this gorgeous watch, it’s like got silver straps.  I love this straps it goes with a lot of things, which is why I like it. I just thought it’s really nice looking every day watch. Great time piece for your collection.


Then I have this bar necklace. It’s just so pretty!!! Thank you Topsy Turvy, this is so cute it has this really nice delicate chain. So I just thought that looks so pretty. It’s perfect every day minimal jewellery and it’s just a great thing, I think as a gift too!! if you are looking to get a gift for somebody.

Then I have this beautiful bow ribbon charm bracelet. This is what the bracelet looks like. It’s really pretty and will go with anything you wear. 

Then I found this big super cool beer mug it’s perfect for bar area.

Then I picked up this ice ball maker set. This ice ball maker set is great for making chocolate balls, gelatine, iceballs. etc. for parties. Just add any flavoured liquid to water and fill these up, when frozen you will have colourful, sparkling and crystal clear ice balls.

Then i picked up these pair of blue rugged leggings. It's super stretchy and i love this design too!!

Okay last thing I have is these weather sticky notes, to 
scribble away my important task on them. Contains tear post-it notes for you to have cutest reminder.

So if you guys are interested in getting these products, I’m going to leave links to them here you can go and check them out.

So I think that’s everything I have to share with you in today’ haul post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know down below if you would like to see more such Cute hauls. I would love it if you could go check out my Instagram at @dr.ruchitamanvar  & @topsyturvyindia thank you so much bye-bye.....xoxo

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